V. Hartman DiSanto

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Young Adult, and Miscellaneous Other Works

The Word Transporter

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story

“It’s called a Word Transporter,” the salesman told Chris.

“A Word Transporter? Exactly what does that mean?”

“It means that it takes your novel to a point in the future without you having to write it.”

“Uh, if I do that, how will it be my novel?”

“It’s still your novel. It’s just that the Word Transporter takes you to a future point, after you’re written the additional words. All of the product, none of the sweat.”

“But…Isn’t writing about making choices what to include?”

“Of course it is. You still supply the choices but now you move along based on the choices made.”

Chris remembered something similar to this from his younger years. “Is that the same as a choose your own adventure book?”

“Yes and no. You choose the adventure, but first, you, the author, are the one who sets up the choices.”

“I still don’t get it.”

“Then suppose that we give it a try. Just write a scene, putting us right where we are, but offer two choices.”

“Alright.” The author nodded, poised his hands over the machine’s keyboard, and punched in some words.

Does Chris

  1. Plop down his cash now (go to page 8)
  2. Punch the salesman in the face (go to page 14)

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