V. Hartman DiSanto

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Young Adult, and Miscellaneous Other Works

Works in Progress

None of the following are published. Yet. Or even pitched. Yet. But I'm working on it. The following are my works in progress, with reports of how far along they are at this point in time.

Why is this taking so long? Mainly because I started as a "pantser," just writing, no planning. While that works for me, editing becomes a challenge, since I don't know where I'm going until I'm well into the work. Besides that, over the years my interests and convictions have changed and I have discovered that I want my writing to have some sort of message, no matter how feeble. As I edit, I am able to add in sub-plots that carry some of those beliefs.

A Second Life
Second of Nine
A Tale of New Life
The Second of Nine

I originally wrote this in 2006. It's gone through several edits and beta reads. The photo is a draft offered by CreateSpace and is a rough edit. First I was told don't use A Second Life (conflict with video game), and then to drop Second of Nine (people might expect Star Trek). In spring of 2014 I submitted it for a contest under the title A Tale of New Life and was told that was a weak title. However, the comments to the story (at least the 5 chapters submitted) were positive overall. I need to do one more edit then will release it as an ebook on my own (too short - 50,000 words - and not my usual content, so I've decided not to try to pitch to an agent).

What's it about? It's the story of a rescue cat, from the cat's point of view. What do you think? Would you buy something like that?

The Clockwork Heart

No, it's not steampunk. This is a young adult speculative fiction about a gynoid named Chloe, struggling to recognize her human and not-so-human sides as she fights those who would take her technology for evil ends. I've actually written two books and need to edit both of them. The logo to the right is lame, but contains the three elements I want to have on the cover.

Who knows what the title(s) will end up to be. The original (The Clockwork Heart) was sort of a dare. My friend Alan credited me with writing a book of that title in one of his NaNoWriMo projects and after that I just had to write it.

Mine and Mountaintop

Book 1 of what is so-far a 4-book series. I think it'll go into 5 books. This is one of my earliest NaNoWriMo projects and very disorganized. I didn't know until midway through book 4 where it was actually going. In 2014 I used the original to create an outline and rewrite the first half of the book, since that seemed the easiest way to edit to reach the end point and to interweave sub-plots.

This one is a fantasy series, with numerous races and individuals who can feel special magical life forces within their world. Of course, it also has the classic good vs. evil, because it's an epic fantasy (though leaning toward young adult) and that's what epic fantasy is all about, right? As to the graphic, I've no idea what the cover will eventually entail and have no idea of the title of the series.

Again There Be Dragons

This started as a short story for a themed anthology. It didn't get accepted, but received favorable comments. Besides that, I had fun writing the story and kept seeing possibilities for the characters who sprung up within those 3400 words.

It's fantasy, solarpunk sub-genre. There are dragons, bred from found DNA and engineered to have a specific purpose in that new more ecologically sound society. The problem? Not everyone is thrilled with this genetic tampering. I've had a great time playing with the different factions coming into play in this world. It's about 2/3 finished and so far I like what's developing.

Short Stories

I've submitted some of these. Write, submit, receive rejection, try again. Basically, I have a Scrivener file with chapters for any idea that crops up. A phrase, a news story, a street sign, whatever strikes me as strange. I make notes and occasionally I even write a story to use those notes. Some end up like the ones on my "Just for Fun" page, but others might turn out to be something.

I also subscribe to a few newsletters and belong to a few Facebook groups that highlight submission calls. Occasionally I'll see a topic that appeals, mull it over, and write. Maybe it'll turn out well, maybe not. As long as I keep trying.